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Michael Cooper Photographic, 66 Coleridge Ave., Toronto, ON., M4C 4H6

416 466-4474,  416 938-7558 mobile

  • Michael Cooper approaches every assignment with an unparalleled passion. His dramatic flair, ability to capture mood and moment comes from his involvement with the performing arts community. Assignments that have an edge of humour, and wit inspire him. Always working with the creative team, collectively, coming up with solutions.

 In 2014 The Charlebois Post awarded Michael Cooper a lifetime achievement for his work in the performing arts.

Client Testimonials


You are one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with, hands-down, and I will miss the time spent watching you get the incredible photos that set the company a part from all the others and going through all those photos.  

  • Jennifer Pugsley Media Relations Manager Canadian Opera Company

"I worked with Michael on a Telus TV and print campaign with a very fast turnround time. A lot of the material had to be sent for approvals the same day. Michael did great shots for us was extremely energtic and committed, a huge help, as were his staff. I felt he worked way beyond the bounds of the job and within the tight time and budget.He was a great asset to the project."
Thanks Michael .

  • Howard Alstad. AD

"You don't take photos you create them.”

  • Andy McKim, Artistic Director Theatre Passe Muraille

"Michael immediately has a way about him that puts everyone at ease - even those folks that tense up as soon as the camera come outs. Always a relaxed atmosphere even when
shooting under pressure - be it in the studio or on a difficult location."

  • Edward Laurin, President LOREWREN+CO

"I have always been able to set the stage and let him go. His creativity has always given me the confidence to do that. Michael is a true partner in the Creative process. Collaborative, technically exacting and quite frankly, fun. And in this business, fun work can yield great results."

  • Matthew Gyulay, Group Creative Director - Maritz Canada

"Michael, I want to thank you for the latest photos you took of me. Rarely in the past had I received comments from stakeholders telling me that my photo was beautiful. It feels like I have finally found a way to make this work!  Thanks again for your professionalism and bravo for your talent!"

  • Dominique Dionne, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Xstrata Nickel



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