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Contact Michael Cooper for masterclasses, one on one tutoring, groups of up to ten, or lectures.

Michael taught advanced lighting to 3rd and 4th year students at Ryerson University for 4 years.

Lectured at Sheridan College ( and a member of their Bachelor of Photography Program Advisory Committee ), Humber College, OCAD University,  

Toronto Camera Club, Professional Photographers of Canada events, Montreal Camera Club, Humber Camera Club and more.

Michael developed special presentations for Profusion, Hewlett-Packard and for "Lens Baby".  

Contact me at michael@coopershoots.com


Past events

March 13 2018 - The Port Perry Photographic Society

lecture on Black and White Imagery: The Interpretation From Colour to Black and White.


Nov. 23 2017 - Association of Registered Graphic Designers

webinar - Who Does What?


Nov 24 2016 - Guest Lecture Don Mills Camera Club

Lecture - Lighting from stage to portraiture.


Oct 19 2015 - Oakville Camera Club

Lecture - Performing Arts and portraiture


Oct 26 2015 - Grand River Imaging & Photographic Society


Black and White Imagery: The Interpretation from Colour to Black and White

how the impact of the image changes. 


April 28, 2015 - PPOC Canadian Imaging Conference

Lecture - From the Performing Arts to Portraits 7-10 pm

Michael will show the development of his photography style. His involvement with the performing arts community has shaped the lighting techniques he uses. 

He will show the techniques used in the performing arts and explore ways to apply these techniques to your photography.


Oct 15 & 16, 2014- Profusion

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

PRO STUDIO: Live Shooting Experience.

It's a complete shooting studio on the ProFusion expo floor. It's an opportunity for you to get up close– real close – and watch pro photographers at work. And it’s an unbelievable chance for you to interact with a lot of the incredible gear being showcased at ProFusion 2014. Be sure to drop by and check out one of the most dynamic exhibits at ProFusion 2014!

Come and check out all the latest gear at our “Pro Shooting Booth” featuring Toronto based photographer Michael Cooper from Coopershoots   


Oct 20, 2014 - The Darkroom Project

Peterbotough ON

Part 1 - Lighting and image manipulation techniques workshop

For four years, I have taught this kind of course to 3rd and 4th year students at Ryerson University in the Image Arts degree program. Creating the perfect light with different modifiers and a little knowledge.I maintain that it’s not what you light it’s what you don’t light. Learn how to light small or large subjects. Red, Green and Blue, how they relate and what they mean to your photography. Mixed lighting creates problems, how RAW shooting and processing is only part of the answer. The session will be using both portable battery operated light as well as inexpensive studio lighting. Use of soft boxes, grids, beauty dishes, gels, black wrap and bounce cards.



Part 2 - Darkroom and image manipulation….without the computer. Explore ways to create and manipulate images without using the computer. Learn some basic and intermediate darkroom skills as well as participate in manipulating your images in a way you might not have thought about. Part of the class will be to demonstrate the enlarger as an image creator and manipulator. The rest of the class will be application and creation of finished prints with stains, dyes, resists and toners.



For details contact Elizabeth Class size is limited, so please confirm with Liz Fennell at the Darkroom Project to reserve your space: 705-868-1162